Martes, Abril 5, 2011

Short listing the Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres

Are you looking for alcohol rehabilitation centres for your own treatment needs? Or perhaps you’re one of the many people in the country who are seeking for help for someone else’s addiction? Whichever category you may fit in, it’s important for you to have a short list of alcohol rehabilitation centres before you admit yourself or your loved one for treatment. This way, you won’t be wasting money and time on facilities which won’t give you the results you want.

Balanced programs

The first thing you should look for in any alcohol rehabilitation centre is the balance in their programs. Addiction is both a physiological and a psychological condition, and unless these two aspects are treated in the rehab center, relapses are bound to occur. Make sure that the alcohol rehabilitation centres in your short list have detox programs which are as competitive as their counseling team. Look at their success rate in the past if you have to. You should probably no longer consider facilities which only give counseling or stop short at detoxification.

Specific treatments

Luxury alcohol rehabilitation centres should be on top of your list because they customize their programs according to the needs of their patients. They never dish out template treatments which would always overlook one aspect of the addiction or the other. You need to remember, too, that every single addiction is unique in its own right. It can’t be treated with just any cookie-cutter rehab program. If you want complete addiction recovery, you should only go for alcohol rehabilitation centres which offer this kind of care.

Strong outpatient programs

You also need to remember that most cases of relapses happen when the patients are out of the alcohol rehabilitation centres. This is because during the inpatient programs, everything is controlled and ideal for addiction recovery. Once the patients are released to their old environments, they’re once again exposed to addiction triggers. Ideally, inpatient programs are supposed to be designed to ward off possibilities of relapses. However, just to be on the safe side, it’s better for you to only consider alcohol rehabilitation centres which offer outpatient support. These could be anything from counseling sessions to prepare the family, or even peer group meeting for the recovering addict so s/he won’t feel that s/he’s in the fight alone.


Of course, if you’re an alcoholic, or someone you know is, it’s important for you to understand that the success or failure of a rehab doesn’t just depend on the program or the center’s approach to addiction. As a matter of fact, a huge part of it is also about the patient’s commitment to make that change. Alcohol rehabilitation centres are only aids to the rehab attempt. The recovering alcoholic will still need to take the first step him/herself.